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Deleted Amazon Tweet Leaks ‚All New‘ $50 Echo Dot Smart Speaker

Deleted Amazon Tweet Leaks ‚All New‘ $50 Echo Dot Smart Speaker

by iMatt13. September 2016

Amazon appears to be readying a cheaper version of its popular Echo Dot speaker, if a tweet that showed up briefly on the company’s Twitter account this morning is anything to go by.

Amazon Echo
The voice-controlled smart speaker that houses Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa was announced back in March, costing $89.99, and is a smaller, palm-sized expansion to the company’s flagship Echo product that lets users expand the capabilities of the latter device to different rooms of their house.

Now it seems Amazon is almost set to offer a cheaper „all-new“ version of the Dot at $49.99. The tweet, which was quickly deleted from the company’s Twitter account but picked up by some users, linked to Amazon’s existing page for the Echo Dot, which is currently sold out.

Recode queried the deleted tweet with Amazon spokespeople but they declined to comment, suggesting the pre-emptive tweet was a genuine accident.

It’s not the first social media announcement blunder we’ve seen this month. Last week, during Apple’s „See You on the 7th“ event in San Francisco, Apple’s re-animated Twitter account began posting video clips of the new iPhone 7 complete with pre-order links, before the phone had even been mentioned on stage.

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