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31. Januar 2017

Apple Watch Sets All Time Revenue Record in Q1 2017

Apple does not break out sales of the Apple Watch like it does for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, but according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the Apple Watch set all time unit and revenue records during the first fiscal quarter of 2017, suggesting significant sales during the holidays.

Cook said holiday demand was „so strong“ that Apple „couldn’t make enough.“ He went on to say the company is thrilled with the response its seen to the wearable device.

While the Apple Watch set an all time revenue record, that’s not reflected in Apple’s „Other“ products category, which was down eight percent year over year.


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31. Januar 2017

Apple-Quartalsbericht Q1/2017: historische 78.4 Milliarden US-Dollar Umsatz

In diesen Minuten, kurz nach Börsenschluss in New York, veröffentlichte Apple den Geschäftsbericht (englische Medienmitteilung) für das erste Fiskalquartal 2017. In der Zeitspanne zwischen Oktober und Dezember 2016 verbuchte Apple Einnahmen in der Höhe von 78.351 Milliarden Dollar. Der Gewinn betrug 9 Milliarden US-Dollar. Sowohl Umsatz wie auch Gewinn sind damit erneut auf einem neuen Rekord-Hoch — seit 2012 schreibt Apple Q1 für Q1 neue Rekord-Zahlen.

Apple weisst im besonderen darauf hin, dass nicht nur beim Umsatz ein neuer Rekord erzielt wurde, sondern auch beim Absatz der iPhone, Dienste, Mac und Apple Watch ein neuer Verkaufsrekord aufgestellt [...]

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31. Januar 2017

Google Makes Chrome Browser for iOS Open Source

Google today announced that the code for Chrome for iOS is being added to its Chromium project and will be available through the company’s open-source repository going forward.

According to Google, Chrome for iOS was previously kept separate from the rest of the Chromium project because of the „additional complexity“ required for the platform, such as the need for the browser to be built using the WebKit rendering engine.

Google says the company’s engineers have spent „a lot of time“ over the last few years tweaking the Chrome for iOS code needed to upstream into Chromium, a process that was recently completed. Today, that [...]

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31. Januar 2017

iOS 10.3 Beta Says 32-Bit Legacy Apps Will Not Work With Future Versions of iOS

Since iOS 10.1, when a user opens an old 32-bit app on a newer iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, Apple has reinstated a warning that the app may slow down the device until the developer updates it to improve its compatibility. The apps are still fully usable, however, despite the possible performance issues.

On iOS 10.3 beta, Apple has tweaked the wording of that warning to note that 32-bit apps „will not work with future versions of iOS,“ suggesting that iOS 11 could be the first software update to support 64-bit apps only. „Future versions“ is unsurprisingly vague, however, so the exact timeline remains unclear.

Apple has supported 64-bit apps [...]

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