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VMware Fusion 10 Coming in October With macOS High Sierra and Touch Bar Support

VMware Fusion 10 Coming in October With macOS High Sierra and Touch Bar Support

by iMatt22. August 2017

VMware today announced the upcoming release of VMware Fusion 10, its popular virtualization software for Mac.

VMware Fusion 10 includes support for macOS High Sierra, Touch Bar integration on the latest MacBook Pro models, and improved graphics performance and accuracy with Apple’s Metal technology.

Fusion 10 features a redesigned user interface with improved Installation and Migrate Your PC wizards.

Fusion 10 can run hundreds of operating systems, ranging from the latest Windows 10 versions to lesser-known Linux distributions.

VMware will also be releasing Fusion 10 Pro, targeted at IT professionals and developers. The premium version will feature a redesigned user interface, enhanced networking controls, support for REST APIs, integration with VMware PhotonOS, and support for Microsoft’s new virtualization-based security features.

VMware Fusion 10 and Fusion 10 Pro are expected to be available in October for $79 and $159 respectively. Fusion 8.5 customers will be able to upgrade to Fusion 10 for $49 or Fusion 10 Pro for $119.

Additionally, customers who purchase Fusion 8.5 or Fusion 8.5 Pro between August 22 and November 1 this year will be eligible for an upgrade to Fusion 10 or Fusion 10 Pro, respectively, at no additional cost.

Fusion 10 will be accompanied by Workstation 14 Player and Workstation 14 Pro with enhanced data center management capabilities.

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