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Facebook Begins Testing Résumé ‚Work Histories‘ Feature on Mobile, Acquires Popular Teen App ‚TBH‘

Facebook Begins Testing Résumé ‚Work Histories‘ Feature on Mobile, Acquires Popular Teen App ‚TBH‘

by iMatt17. Oktober 2017

After announcing support for job applications within the Facebook app on iOS earlier in 2017, Facebook this week has been testing out a LinkedIn-like résumé/CV „work histories“ feature for certain mobile users. Discovered by developer Jane Manchun Wong, and shared by The Next Web, the feature lets Facebook users share their work experience with potential employers without having to leave the app.

The update is an expansion to Facebook’s standard „work and education“ profile section, but not all aspects of a user’s résumé are shared publicly. Although it’s unclear, it appears that „detailed information“ from this section could potentially only be shown to job hunters looking at a profile.

Images via @wongmjane and The Next Web

Users are able to list professional and educational background information, select start/end dates, and more. Facebook confirmed the feature’s test, but as with any trial period, there’s a possibility that this „work histories“ update won’t see an expansion to all users.

At Facebook, we’re always building and testing new products and services. We’re currently testing a work histories feature to continue to help people find and businesses hire for jobs on Facebook.

In other Facebook news, this week the social media company acquired popular teen app „TBH“ in a continued effort to appeal to younger generations (via BuzzFeed). The app lets its users give one another compliments by sending and receiving brief quizzes, with the multiple choice answers randomly generating four friends who also have the app. Responses are anonymous, but users can choose to reveal their answers after the questions have been asked.

TBH originally launched in one high school in Georgia, then spread to more than 3,000 schools in just three days. More states will follow soon, according to the app’s creator Midnight Labs, but an expansion timeline is unclear. Despite the limited area of support, TBH has been the top free app in the iOS App Store for more than three weeks.

Facebook told The Wall Street Journal that TBH will continue to operate as a standalone app, and not be rolled into any existing Facebook experience.

“TBH and Facebook share a common goal — of building community and enabling people to share in ways that bring us closer together,“ Vanessa Chan, a Facebook spokeswoman, said in a statement. “We’re impressed by the way TBH is doing this by using polling and messaging, and with Facebook’s resources TBH can continue to expand and build positive experiences.”

Facebook previously launched its own teen-focused iOS app called „Lifestage“ in August 2016, which let users create short video clips and amass them into their own unique profile, which friends from their school could browse and comment on through direct messages. That app shut down after about one year, with Facebook removing Lifestage from the App Store this past August.

At the time, Facebook said that „teens continue to make up an important part of the global community on Facebook, and we’ve learned a lot from Lifestage. We will continue to incorporate these learnings into features in the main Facebook app.”

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