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CES 2018: Nokia Launching $99 Beddit-Style Sleep Tracking Accessory

CES 2018: Nokia Launching $99 Beddit-Style Sleep Tracking Accessory

by iMatt9. Januar 2018

Nokia is adding to its health accessory lineup with the launch of a new sleep tracking accessory called the Nokia Sleep (via The Verge), which is debuting at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Like Apple’s own Beddit sleep tracker that it acquired back in May, the Nokia Sleep is a thin under-the-sheet accessory that has built-in movement sensors to track metrics like sleep length, sleep quality, and snoring, which can be viewed in the accompanying Health Mate.

Nokia Sleep will provide users with an overall sleep score, which is also how the Beddit sleep tracker works. Unlike the Beddit, though, it can integrate with other smart home products to do things like activate the lights when a person has fallen asleep or woken up.

The Nokia Sleep will be available for $99, which is $50 cheaper than the Beddit, but it also offers fewer sensors with no heart rate monitoring.

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