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30. April 2018

Bank of Ireland Working to Implement Apple Pay

The Bank of Ireland, the last major bank in the country that does not offer support for Apple Pay, is working on implementing Apple Pay for its customers, according to information shared with Irish news site

„We expect to integrate phone payments in the future,“ said a spokesperson. „However we are not in a position to confirm timings.“ When asked by to clarify what „phone payments“ meant, the bank representative said „Apple and Android Pay.“

Apple Pay has been available in Ireland since March of 2017, and the payments service works with Mastercard, Visa, AIB, Boon, KBC, and Ulster [...]

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30. April 2018

Apple Updates Swift Playgrounds With New ‚What’s Next‘ Feature

Apple today updated its Swift Playgrounds app to version 2.1, introducing new features to the iPad coding app designed to teach children and adults to code through several interactive „Learn to Code“ lessons.

The updated app includes a new „What’s Next“ feature that offers up other playground suggestions to try based on current progress in the Swift Playgrounds app, providing users with a clearer path for learning new coding skills.

Today’s update also introduces support for macOS content caching in order to speed up downloads in networks that have multiple Swift Playgrounds users.

Swift Playgrounds 2.1 comes three [...]

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30. April 2018

Apple Maps Vehicles Have Now Collected Street View Data in Over 40 States and 10 Countries

Apple Maps vehicles equipped with LiDAR equipment have now surveyed at least 41 states in the United States, with recent areas including Maine and Iowa, as the fleet of vans continue to collect mapping data across the country.

The vehicles first took to the streets in major American cities like New York in 2015, and they have since traveled to Croatia, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Apple periodically updates a list of locations where the vehicles will be collecting data on its website.

Apple’s page notes that it will „blur faces and license plates on collected images prior to publication,“ [...]

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30. April 2018

Tipp: WLAN-Passwort mit anderen iPad und iPhone teilen

Die Situation dürfte allseits bekannt sein: Bekannte kommen zu Besuch und früher oder später wollen sie Zugriff auf das heimische WLAN und somit Zugang zum Internet. Musste dazu bisher ein Zettelchen mit dem komplizierten Netzwerk-Passwort herumgereicht und von den Bekannten mühsam in das Passwort-Feld abgetippt werden, kann zwischen iPad- und iPhone-Modellen mit aktuellem Betriebssystem das Passwort einfach untereinander geteilt werden.

Versucht ein Bekannter sich mit seinem in der Nähe befindlichen Gerät in ein Netzwerk einzuwählen, mit welchem das eigene Gerät bereits verbunden ist oder über dessen Passwort das eigene iOS Kenntnis hat, wird auf dem persönlichen iPhone/iPad [...]

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