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16. Juni 2017

Foxconn Attempts to Ease Concerns Over China Ties as Sale of Toshiba’s Memory Chip Unit Nears End

Foxconn chairman Terry Gou has spoken out about the ongoing sale for Toshiba’s memory chip unit, which has made headlines over the past few weeks as multiple companies have entered the bidding to win the sought-after unit. Previously, Foxconn was perceived as a long shot for winning the bid due to its connections with China, a fact believed to sit unfavorably with Japanese-owned Toshiba.

Now, Gou is presenting points of argument as to why Foxconn’s acquisition of Japanese technology would not hurt Toshiba nor the Japanese government, because he says Foxconn would not seek to import any of Toshiba’s technologies to Foxconn’s China plants (via [...]

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22. Mai 2017

iOS verliert Markt in China, iPhone 7 dennoch stark

Das iOS-Betriebssystem kann sich in vielen Regionen auf der Erde im Wettbewerb durchsetzen. Nur nicht in China. iPhone&iPad

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19. Mai 2017

Apple will 30% von Wechat-Spenden in China

Der chinesische Messenger Wechat hat eine Bezahlfunktion implementiert, womit Nutzer bequem Geld verschicken können. Macwelt News

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9. Mai 2017

Experte: Deshalb verliert Apple in China

Zum iPhone 7 (Plus) gibt es keine Alternative, solange nicht das iPhone 8 (Plus) erschienen ist. In China gilt das nicht. Macwelt News

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