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18. September 2017

Kurseinbrüche bei Bitcoin und Ethereum wegen China

Die Schließungen von Kryptowährungsbörsen in China sorgten in der vergangenen Woche für massive Kurseinbrüche bei Bitcoin und Ethereum. Macwelt News

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7. September 2017

Smartphone- Markt: Apple überholt Samsung in China

Es geht wieder aufwärts für Apple in China. Dort konnte sich das Unternehmen gegen die lokalen Hersteller behaupten. Macwelt News

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5. September 2017

Apple Announces New Tianyi Square Retail Location in Ningbo, China Coming September 16

Apple has announced that its newest retail store will be opening on Saturday, September 16 within the shopping district known as Tianyi Square, located in Ningbo, in the Zhejiang province of China. As with all Apple retail grand openings, Apple Tianyi Square will open at 10:00 am local time.

Under the leadership of Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts, the company began aggressively expanding its retail footprint in China over the last few years. In January 2015, Ahrendts said that Apple’s goal was to open 40 stores in the Greater China region within two years, which it eventually accomplished ahead of schedule in June 2016.

Tianyi Square image via China Tour [...]

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2. August 2017

VPN-Verbot auch in Russland – folgt Apple dem Gesetz wie in China?

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