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19. Februar 2018

Industrial Design Experts Say HomePod’s White Ring Issue ‚Shouldn’t Be Too Hard to Fix‘ for Apple

Last week, Apple confirmed that the HomePod can potentially leave white rings on the surface of wooden furniture with oil or wax finishes. In an effort to help users prevent seeing these rings appear on their own furniture, Apple shared a support document on „Where to place HomePod,“ detailing how the interaction between the HomePod’s vibration-dampening silicone base and a wooden surface has the chance to result in a white ring.

Business Insider recently spoke with a few industrial design experts who believe that the problem „shouldn’t be too hard to fix“ for Apple.“ Gregor Berkowitz, a product development consultant for numerous [...]

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14. Februar 2018

Professional-Grade Acoustic Tests Support Apple’s Claims About HomePod’s Superior Sound Distribution

HomePod acoustic tests performed by Fast Company and published Tuesday appear to support Apple’s claim that algorithms built into the smart speaker make it capable of distributing sound evenly throughout a room.

According to Apple’s marketing material, music played on HomePod is evenly distributed so that it sounds similar regardless of where the listener is standing or sitting in the room. Apple also claims that HomePod’s output remains consistent wherever it is placed in an environment, thanks to sophisticated always-on sound processing algorithms.

HomePod uses its six-microphone array to record the behavior of the sound waves emitted by the [...]

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10. Februar 2018

How to Use the HomePod’s Physical Controls

As a smart speaker, HomePod comes with built-in Siri support, so you can use it without ever touching it, but Apple did include a touch panel at the top of the device that supports several gestures.

HomePod gestures can activate Siri, control the volume of what’s playing, skip to the next song, pause/play and more. All of the touch gestures you can use with the HomePod are below.


Volume up – Tap on the „+“ button to raise volume by one level, or touch and hold to increase the volume by several levels.

Volume down – Tap on the „-“ button to lower the volume by one level, or touch and hold to [...]

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10. Februar 2018

How to Access Your HomePod’s Settings

If you’re new to HomePod and don’t regularly use the „Home“ app for HomeKit devices, you might be wondering how you get to the HomePod’s settings, because it’s not immediately obvious.

HomePod is controlled entirely through Apple’s Home app, much like any other HomeKit-compatible accessory. Accessing HomePod settings is simple once you know where to go, so here’s how:

Open the Home app.

You’ll see a main page that says „My Home“ or „[Your Name]’s Home,“ with either a series of icons or just the HomePod icon if it’s your only HomeKit device.

3D Touch [...]
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