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2. August 2018

Facebook und Instagram zeigen Nutzungsdauer

Bei Facebook und Instagram können Nutzer künftig sehen, wie viel Zeit sie in den Netzwerken verbracht haben. iPhone&iPad

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1. August 2018

Facebook and Instagram Reveal Tools for Managing Your Time, Setting Reminders, and Limiting Notifications

Earlier in the summer, Facebook and Instagram each promised that users would soon be able to access a suite of digital health tools to help them manage their time on the social networks and promote healthier habits. Today, the companies revealed these tools in a press release and confirmed they will be rolling out to all mobile app users „soon.“

The tools will be found within the settings page on both iOS apps — on Instagram it’ll be called „Your Activity“ and on Facebook it’ll be called „Your Time on Facebook.“ At the top of the page, the activity dashboard will highlight your daily average time for each app on the [...]

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20. Juli 2018

Instagram Gains Status Dots to Let You Know When Friends Are Online

Instagram today announced the launch of a new feature that’s designed to let you know when your friends are active on the social network. When a friend is online, their profile picture will be accented with a green dot in various places within the app.

You’ll see the green dot in the Direct inbox and in your friends list when you share a post from the feed. Dots will be displayed for friends who follow you or people you have previously spoken to in Direct.

If desired, you can hide your own status and turn off the ability to see when your friends are active in the settings section of the Instagram app.

Instagram says this new update is meant to [...]

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18. Juli 2018

Instagram to Introduce Non-SMS Two-Factor Authentication to Prevent SIM Hacking

Instagram is planning to introduce a new two-factor authentication method that will not require a user’s phone number and will instead work with authentication apps like Google Authenticator, reports TechCrunch.

Authentication apps are a safer two-factor option than the phone number method, which can be bypassed through SIM hacking, as outlined earlier today by VICE’s Motherboard.

Image via TechCrunch SIM hacking involves hijacking a person’s phone number by manipulating cellular service support staff and claiming a SIM card has been lost.

Creating a new SIM associated with the phone number allows it to be stolen, and if that phone number [...]

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