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12. November 2018

Apple verkauft iPhones und Macs direkt über Amazon

In den kommenden Wochen nimmt Amazon iPhone, iPad, Macs und andere Produkte ins Sortiment auf. iPhone&iPad

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12. November 2018

T2-Chip in Macs – Die Abkehr von Intel und Linux

Auf dem Desktop ist Apple immer noch auf Intel angewiesen. Mit dem T2 Chip ändert sich das aber ein Stück weit. Tests

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1. November 2018

Apple Adding iPhone 5 and Additional Macs to Pilot Program Allowing Repairs of Select ‚Vintage‘ Products

Normally, an Apple product becomes vintage once five years have passed since it was last manufactured, meaning that Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs) will no longer repair or service the product.

In late January, however, Apple launched a pilot program that permits Apple Stores and AASPs to continue servicing select vintage products, subject to parts availability. The program started in the United States and Turkey with the Mid 2011 iMac and expanded worldwide with the 2012 MacBook Air in August.

Now, Apple is further expanding the program to include the iPhone 5, which became vintage on Wednesday. In an internal document, Apple says [...]

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29. Oktober 2018

Keynote am 30. Oktober: Neue iPad Pro, neue Macs

In New York wird Apple am Dienstag neue Produkte vorführen – zu einer angenehmen Zeit für hiesige Interessierte. Macwelt News

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