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15. März 2018

Google Maps Adds ‚Wheelchair Accessible‘ Routes to Transit Navigation in Several Cities

Google Maps today announced the availability of new „wheelchair accessible“ routes in its transit navigation directions for several cities around the world, recognizing that using trains and buses can present challenges for people who use wheelchairs or have other mobility needs. Information about which stations and routes are wheelchair friendly isn’t always readily available or easy to find. To make public transit work for everyone, today we’re introducing „wheelchair accessible“ routes in transit navigation to make getting around easier for those with mobility needs.

To access the new „wheelchair accessible“ routes in the [...]

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13. März 2018

Apple Maps neu mit Standorten von Bike-Sharing – auch in Luzern

Veloverleihsysteme boomen – auch in Schweizer Städten. In weltweit ausgewählten Städten werden neu in Apple Maps Standorte solcher Bike-Sharings angezeigt. In der Schweiz ist vorerst ein Anbieter für Luzern und Umgebung mit dabei.

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12. März 2018

Apple Maps Now Displays Nearby Bike-Sharing Stations in 175 Cities

Apple Maps recently inked a deal with Ito World, which adds bike-sharing data to Apple Maps in more than 175 cities across 36 countries, reports TechCrunch.

The feature went live this morning, and Apple Maps users can now type „bike sharing“ or a specific service name like GoBike into the search bar to get results for nearby bike sharing options.

Apple previously had some available bike-sharing data in a few cities in Apple Maps, but with the Ito World partnership, it’s more widely available. Ito World has signed deals with dozens of companies to license bike sharing data.

Bike sharing information is somewhat limited at the current time, [...]

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10. März 2018

Mario Comes to Google Maps in Celebration of Mario Day

Mario Day, which celebrates Nintendo’s iconic plumber, takes place on Saturday, March 10. To celebrate Mario Day, Nintendo has teamed up with Google to bring Mario to Google Maps.

Starting today, „Mario Time“ is available in Google Maps for Android and iOS devices. To enter Mario Time, tap on the yellow „?“ icon that’s available in the bottom right of the Google Maps app after updating the app to the latest version.

With Mario Time enabled, your Google Maps navigation arrow will turn into Mario driving a Mario Kart vehicle. Google says Mario will be a „constant companion“ wherever you’re driving this coming [...]

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