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13. Februar 2019

Pixelmator Pro Introduces Support for Portrait Mode Depth Masks for Easy Background Swapping

Pixelmator Pro for Mac, Pixelmator’s higher-end editing software, was today updated with support for masks from Portrait Mode photos.

When you open up a photo taken with an iPhone that offers Portrait Mode, Pixelmator Pro will open the photo itself along with a useful layer mask for doing things like swapping out the background in just a few minutes.

The portrait mask uses the depth information from the iPhone to isolate the subject of a photo, making it easy to remove background elements with little effort.

The Portrait mask feature is limited to the Pixelmator Pro software, and it is not available on the standard version of Pixelmator or the [...]

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8. Februar 2019

Popular Weather App ‚Dark Sky‘ Gains Dark Mode

Dark Sky has gained an optional Dark Mode, in the latest version of the hyperlocal weather app for iOS.

The update means users can check weather information in the app with white text on a dark background, a new design that’s supposed to be easier on the eyes in dimly lit environments.

In addition, Dark Sky v6.2 also gains an optional Daylight mode that ensures the black interface is automatically enabled when the sun goes down.

The new settings can be accessed by tapping the cog wheel icon in the top-right of Dark Sky’s main screen, where a new appearance menu lets users select from Light, Dark, or Daylight.

Dark Mode is becoming [...]

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31. Januar 2019

iOS 13 to Include Dark Mode, iPad Upgrades, CarPlay Improvements and More

Apple’s iOS 13 operating system, which will likely be previewed this summer at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, will include a number of major updates that iOS users have been desiring for years.

According to Bloomberg, iOS 13 will include a dark mode to match the dark mode that was first introduced on macOS with macOS Mojave. It will allow for „easier nighttime viewing.“

Improvements to the CarPlay interface are expected, and many iPad-specific upgrades are in the works. Apple will introduce a new Home screen, an option to tab through multiple pages of a single app as you can do in a web browser, and improvements to file [...]

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30. Januar 2019

Cardiogram App for Apple Watch Gains Premium Service With Cross-Platform Family Mode, Doctor Sharing

Popular Apple Watch heart rate monitoring app Cardiogram today launched a new premium service that includes data sharing options and a cross-platform Family Mode designed to allow remote monitoring of a loved one’s wearable data.

If a person with an Android phone has an aging parent with an Apple Watch and wants to keep an eye on the parent’s wearable data for health reasons, for example, that’s possible with the new cross-platform mode.

Data shared includes heart rate, step counts, diagnostic tests, habits, and more. There’s also a new Share with Doctor feature that lets you get a PDF of historical Cardiogram data so it can be emailed to a [...]

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