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25. Januar 2019

Review: ZENS Dual Wireless Powerbank Supports Qi Charging On the Go, but Low Battery Capacity Limits Usefulness

Last fall I had the chance to take a look at ZENS‘ all-new Dual + Watch Wireless Charger, which offers spots to charge two Qi-enabled smartphones and one perch for the Apple Watch. I came away quite liking the accessory, which should be a great charging hub for anyone in a two-person household, and now the company has launched a companion accessory called the ZENS Dual Wireless Powerbank.

This device is a portable battery pack that itself includes two spots for wirelessly charging an iPhone 8 or later (or any Qi smartphone), similar to the design of the Dual + Watch stand. The Powerbank has a 9,000 mAh battery, two USB-A ports, and one USB-C charging port on the rear [...]

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21. September 2018

Huawei schenkt Apple-Fans eine Powerbank

Als ungewöhnliche Promo-Aktion verschenkt Huawei den vor den Geschäften wartenden Apple-Fans eine Powerbank. iPhone&iPad

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18. September 2018

HyperJuice: Powerbank mit 160 Watt bei Kickstarter

Mit der auf Kickstarter vorgestellten Powerbank HyperJuice sollen sich zwei Macbook Pros gleichzeitig betreiben lassen. iPhone&iPad

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12. Juli 2018

Powerbank und Ladegeräte: Energie per USB-C und drahlos

Der Akku ist zu bald leer. Mit Schnellladegeräten und ebenso flotten Powerbanks bekommt man verbrauchte Energie zurück. Macwelt News

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