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17. Juli 2018

Apple Increases Share of U.S. Smartphone Activations in Q2

During the second quarter of 2018, spanning from April to June, Apple’s iPhones accounted for 36 percent of total U.S. smartphone activations, an improvement over last year’s numbers where iPhone activations accounted for just over 30 percent of total activations, according to new numbers shared today by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners [PDF].

More customers are choosing iPhone over Samsung devices this year, and Apple’s higher number of activations came at Samsung’s expense. During the quarter, Samsung devices were also responsible for 36 percent of new activations, but for Samsung, that’s a solid decline from last year.


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22. Juni 2018

Supreme Court Rules Police Need Warrants to Obtain a User’s Smartphone Location Data

The United States Supreme Court today ruled that the government „is required“ to obtain a warrant if it wants to gain access to data found on a civilian’s smartphone, but only when it’s related to the user’s location data (via The New York Times).

Image via Wikimedia Commons The decision is expected to have major implications for digital privacy moving forward as it pertains to legal cases, and could cause ripples in unlawful search and seizure cases that involve personal information held by companies like emails, texts, internet searches, bank records, and more. In a major statement on privacy in the digital age, the Supreme Court ruled on [...]

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22. Juni 2018

Smartphone explodiert und tötet Mann

Ein Smartphone ist während des Ladevorgangs explodiert und hat seinen in der Nähe liegenden Besitzer getötet. iPhone&iPad

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31. Mai 2018

Xiaomi Unveils Mi 8 Smartphone With iPhone X-Like Notch Design, Vertical Dual-Lens Camera System, and Animated Emoji Features

Chinese technology firm Xiaomi held a product launch event in Shenzhen today and unveiled the Mi 8, a 6.21-inch OLED smartphone that most observers would agree bears more than a passing resemblance to Apple’s flagship iPhone X.

Xiaomi’s Mi 8 isn’t the first recent smartphone to sport an iPhone X-esque notch and probably won’t be the last, but there are several other similarities between the two devices that are worth highlighting.

Xiaomi’s eighth-anniversary Mi 8 AMOLED smartphone For example, the cellular signal, battery, and Wi-Fi symbols sit either side of the notch, just like in iOS 11. In addition, the higher-tier Mi 8 model [...]

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