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11. Juni 2018

Kabel: Vodafone stellt Upload Option 50 vor

Mit der neuen Upload Option 50 können Vodafone-Kunden ihren Upload auf 50 Mbit/s für 2,99 Euro monatlich erhöhen. Tests

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16. Mai 2018

Vodafone: Gratis flotterer Upload für Kabelkunden

Kabel-Kunden von Vodafone können gratis eine erhöhte Upload-Geschwindigkeit nutzen. Unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen. Macwelt News

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4. Mai 2017

SoundCloud Introduces Daily Personalized Music Curation With ‚The Upload‘

SoundCloud today launched a new feature called „The Upload,“ which will act similarly to Apple Music’s My New Music Mix and Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists by curating a list of new songs specifically personalized to each user’s listening habits.

The company said that The Upload will make it much easier to filter through SoundCloud’s ever-expanding library of music, which sees new tracks and artists added to the service every day. To find The Upload, users can navigate to the Search tab on iOS and Android, and the Discover tab on the web.

Once SoundCloud has an indication of what a user likes, The Upload will begin curating [...]

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3. Mai 2017

Sprint Announces ‚Magic Box‘ to Improve LTE Data Download and Upload Speeds By 200%

Sprint today announced the „Sprint Magic Box,“ a small plug-and-play device that the carrier said will „dramatically improve“ LTE data services and connections for any Sprint customers in its range. The indoor consumer device is built to be placed near a window, and is free for qualifying customers, with no installation, labor, or rental costs attached to its use.

The Magic Box doesn’t require a router or Wi-Fi to use — Sprint also mentioned that it doesn’t interfere with established Wi-Fi networks — and it automatically connects to the nearest Sprint cell site to guide users through installation. Once it’s up and [...]

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