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15. August 2018

Twitch Plans to ‚Aggressively Broaden‘ its Content and Expand Beyond Gaming as it Battles YouTube

Twitch, the platform known as a place to watch streamers play games like League of Legends, Fortnite, and Overwatch, is now looking into becoming a „broader video service“ that would cater to lifestyle vloggers from rival company YouTube.

According to a report today by Bloomberg, Amazon-owned Twitch has decided to „aggressively broaden“ the programming on the platform to directly compete with YouTube, and gain more advertising revenue in the process. Amazon and Twitch have reportedly pursued exclusive live-streaming deals with „dozens“ of popular media companies and personalities who are currently on YouTube.

These deals are [...]

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14. August 2018

Lovejoy: Apple soll Youtube neu erfinden

Apples Videodienst kommt bestimmt. Der Autor der Site 9to5Mac steuert nun aber einen interessanten Vorschlag bei. Tests

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13. August 2018

So nutzen Sie Youtube in Dauerschleife

Um einen Song auf Youtube immer wieder zu hören, ist die Repeat-Funktion perfekt. Wir zeigen, wie das geht – auch mobil! Tests

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7. August 2018

Apple & Youtube entfernen Hetzer-Podcasts

Alex Jones und seine „Infowars“ sind für gelinde gesagt unkonventionelle Theorien bekannt. Die Inhalte sind nun gesperrt. iPhone&iPad

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